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A Bit More About Us: About Us

A Bit (More) About Us

A.J. and Leah DeLauder founded The Tiny Corner Bike Shop in 2020. Over the past twenty years, A.J. has raced and ridden bikes on the roads and trails across Garrett and Preston County and can still be occasionally spotted toeing the line at West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA) races in the Vet Expert category. Although, more recently, A.J. has gotten into long-distance bikepacking races, such as RockStar 270, with hopes of racing the Tour Divide in 2022.

Leah and A.J. now live just across the state line in Aurora, West Virginia, where both of them grew up, along with their two wild sons, a black lab named Laika, and a plethora of barn cats.

(The picture to the right is from when we closed on the building -- so much painting to go!)


Bike Shop First Day Photo.jpg
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