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A Bit More About Us: About Us

A Bit (More) About Us

Hi! My name is AJ, and I founded The Tiny Corner Bike Shop in 2020, along with my spouse, Leah. Over the past twenty-two years, I've raced and ridden my bike thousands of miles on the roads and trails in Garrett and Preston Counties and across the country. I'm a finisher of the 2022 Tour Divide, a 2700 mile mountain/gravel race from Canada to Mexico that's considered one of the hardest races in the world. I'm also a six-time finisher of the arduous RockStar bikepacking race, and a former XC racer from way back in the day when NORBA existed and we were all rocking v-brakes and 26 inch tires.

Leah and I live just across the state line in Aurora, West Virginia, where both of us grew up, along with our two wild sons, a black lab named Laika, and a plethora of barn cats. In my non-bike shop time, I teach English at Garrett College. Reading is my second favorite activity after riding bikes. That's why there's a Little Free Library on the front of the shop.

(The picture to the right is from when we closed on the building -- so much painting to go!)


Bike Shop First Day Photo.jpg
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