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Local Rides and Resources: List

Local Rides and Resources!

Vagabond Rides

The Weekly Rides! These rides depart from the parking lot immediately in front of The Tiny Corner Bike Shop every Tuesday at 5:30 PM and every Saturday at 9:00 AM during the late spring, summer, and early fall. Riders are grouped by ability level so no one gets left behind. Best of all, these rides were founded by the Vagabond Taproom, so post-ride beverages, food, and friends are only a stone's throw away!

Pleasant Valley Roads

Perhaps the best roads in Garrett County for cycling. Quiet, scenic, and mostly-car free, these roads can be accessed from Oakland via Underwood Hills Road or the wide shoulder on 219. Highlights include Pleasant Valley Road, Blue Ribbon Road, and Monte Vista Road.

Perfect Valley Ten Miler:

A Bigger Valley Loop (23 mi):

Deep Creek Lake State Park and Fork Run

Two wonderful trail systems in nearby Deep Creek Lake that have seen an enormous amount of work in the past few year, thanks to the trail advocacy of Garrett Trails and the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).

Broadford Park Trails

The next big thing in the Oakland cycling scene: Amazing mountain bike trails in town!! At present, only one phase totaling roughly one mile has been completed, but phases two and three will very soon add another two miles of flowy and fun trails that are perfect for first time mountain bikers of all ages. The link below details a safe and less-trafficked riding route to Broadford Park from the town parking lot. The trails in Broadford are not yet mapped online, but can easily be spotted from the road or by looking for trail markers once you're there!!

Round Trip to Broadford and Back (6 mi.):

Stemple Ridge Road

The best kept road cycling secret in Preston and Tucker County. This nine-mile road begins in Aurora, WV, is well-paved, and runs along the spine of Stemple Ridge. Sweeping vistas offer views of thirty to fifty miles on a clear day. When looped with Location Road and Limestone Road, this ride can easily approach 35-40 miles with 5,000 feet of climbing. Previously part of the Tour of Tucker County road race. Come prepared to climb!

From Aurora Start (Park at Dollar General):

From Oakland Start (near metric century with 6K of climbing!):

Swallow Falls and Herrington Manor State Parks

Some great, lesser-known mountain bike trails that are located only a few miles away from town. Check out the ten mile trail that connects these two beautiful state park -- or roll around on the multitude of gravel roads that reach all the way to Cranesville Swamp in Preston County. Miles upon miles of possibilities.

Click the map pin icon on each route to see its distance and elevation gain on Mapmyride.

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